EOS C200 | Colour Rendition

Key features used:

  • Colour rendition
  • Slow motion

Want to achieve the same look? Here’s a breakdown: 

This clip really puts the colour rendition of the C200 to the test, shooting a one-take shot with two of the most challenging colours for cameras of this nature to reproduce well; red and cyan. For the soft top light, used is a LiteMat 2 gelled red, and then 1K Fresnel with a cyan gel for the back light, allowing the colours to bleed into one another and even flare out the lens. The footage holds up perfectly, and the colours are reproduced accurately, giving a beautiful split tone colour palette and plenty of colour contrast. To achieve the slow motion, this clip was recorded in 59.97p, brought into a 23.98p timeline and the footage was slowed down to 40% in post-production.