EOS C200 | Wide Dynamic Range & Dual Pixel Autofocus Are Put to Work

Key features used:

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Dual Pixel Autofocus
  • 4K RAW light
  • Slow motion

Want to achieve the same look? Here’s a breakdown: 

This clip was shot all in 4K RAW light recorded internally to CFast cards on the Cinema EOS C200. The camera was also mounted on a DJI Ronin. To achieve the slow motion, this clip was recorded in 59.97p, brought into a 23.98p timeline and the footage was slowed down to 40% in post-production. The C200’s incredible wide dynamic range is utilized in this clip. The subject is followed from a dark underpass out into bright sunlight in one seamless shot. The camera’s Dual Pixel Autofocus is leveraged to keep the subject in focus throughout the tracking shot.