Canon’s lineup of popular 4K-ready Cine Prime lenses now in PL-Mount

The Sumire PL-Mount Cinema Prime Lenses merge the art and science of cinematography.

Introducing the first ever set of seven PL-Mount 4K-ready Cine Prime lenses, called Sumire (soo-mee-ray) Prime. The word Sumire is rooted in Japanese origin, and means floral gentleness and beauty. These new lenses offer a unique artistically pleasing look with gentle, beautiful skin tones, and smooth bokeh that are designed for use with large-sensor cinema cameras. The Sumire Prime lenses are compatible with the complete lineup of Cinema EOS full-frame and the Super 35mm 4K cameras such as the EOS C700 FF, EOS C300 Mark II, and EOS C200. The mount on the Sumire Prime lenses is interchangeable and can be converted from a PL-Mount to an EF-Mount.

Sumire Prime lenses offer brilliant 4K-image quality in a lightweight package. These lenses are characterized by razor-sharp focus and exquisite bokeh. Optimized for motion picture production, and designed for film and television shoots, these lenses are available in a variety of focal lengths:

What makes Sumire Prime one-of-a-kind?

Offer artistically pleasing image rendering and warmer colours

  • Bright T-stops allow brighter shots in low-light and no-light conditions
  • Uniform colour balance throughout the lens lineup
  • Reduced focus breathing characteristic of the EF-Mount Cinema Prime Lenses

Supports 35mm full-frame

  • Compatible with the Cinema EOS System helping users produce premium-quality images
  • Can be used in a wide range of shooting situations with a Super 35mm camera

11-blade Iris

  • Allows soft, natural bokeh effects
  • An odd number of iris blades help diffuse light rays and produce a cinematic look with warmer colours

Outstanding operability and reliability

  • Manual operation provides resistance to make precise changes in focus
  • 300-degree focus rotation angle and gear position consistent through series – eliminating the need to adjust gear positions when changing lenses


Sumire Prime lenses will be available late 2019/ early 2020.