EOS C700

The flagship has arrived.

Produce your film and television projects with the quality, flexibility, and reliability delivered by the EOS C700 Digital Cinema Camera.

With three models to choose from, users can choose the best tool for their shooting requirements. The EOS C700 is available in both EF and PL versions and features a pixel resolution up to 4.5K, a dynamic range of 15 stops and Dual Pixel CMOS AF. The PL mount only EOS C700 GS PL features 14 stops of dynamic range, up to 4K resolution and a Global Shutter.

The rugged magnesium body features rounded edges and semi-circular sides behind the lens mount that hint at the Canon Cinema design legacy. The EOS C700 can be equally comfortable handheld, shoulder-mounted, on a tripod head, or rigged to a car mount.

From: $39 000*

*For EF and PL Mount models.


Two 4K Sensor Designs

4.5K CMOS Sensor

Choose from two different sensor designs. The EOS C700 offers a 4.5K CMOS sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range. The standard sensor will be offered in both PL and EF mounts. The EF mount version of the camera features Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology.

The EOS C700 GS PL features global shutter technology. Global shutter technology is helpful for sports, fast action, concerts and events where it eliminates "jello" and "flash band" artifacts. The GS model features 14 stops of dynamic range and does not offer Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Record uncompressed 4K RAW footage

RAW Recording

With an optional Codex CDX-36150 attached, the EOS C700 can record uncompressed 10-bit or 12-bit 4K RAW up to 120 fps, 2K RAW up to 240 fps, or ProRes 4K up to 60 fps.

The Codex CDX-36150 is made specifically for the EOS C700 and attaches to the rear of the camera and is controlled directly through the camera’s menu system.

Speed up your workflow

XF-AVC and ProRes Internal Recording

The EOS C700 provides you with the choice of two internal recording options: Canon XF-AVC up to 59.94p in 4K, and Apple ProRes. Both record to internal CFast 2.0 Media. This is the first time a Canon Cinema EOS camera records ProRes internally. This can help significantly reduce the time and cost of transcoding video files for productions using ProRes as an intermediate and delivery format.

Performance that impresses

Triple DIGIC DV 5 Image Processors

Three DIGIC DV 5 processors power the advanced features of the EOS C700. DIGIC works in conjunction with other subsystems of the camera such as the lens and sensor to support the various features and the image processing engine.

Ultra-high definition & accurate colours from set to post

Rec. 2020 & ACES Support

The EOS C700 supports Rec. 2020, which is the UHDTV display colour space. Rec. 2020 support means that productions looking to go straight to the UHD format can start in that expanded colour space without the need to do conversions.

The EOS C700 also supports ACES 1.0 of the Academy Colour Encoding System. Using Canon-supplied IDTs, images captured on the EOS C700 can be imported directly into ACES compatible systems. Additionally, video output from the camera can be monitored by selecting ACES Proxy output. Aces Proxy allows the camera to send a monitor output that simulates ACES space to a compatible monitor or device, such as Canon’s 24 and 30-inch Reference Displays.

New, Modular Design

Refined Ergonomics and Design

From traditional studio style to handheld configurations, the EOS C700’s modular body style is completely new compared to previous Cinema EOS models.
Featuring an intuitive six button menu system, this layout allows quick access to frequently used camera functions such as ISO, shutter, slow and fast motion, etc. and may instantly feel very familiar and comfortable to camera operators. Within each quick access function is the ability to access deeper menu options so complete camera control and customization is always accessible while the menu remains clean and easily usable. The EOS C700 is compatible with a variety of optional accessories for any setup configurations.

Choose flexibility

Optional Accessories

Professional-grade accessories for the EOS C700 from Canon include:
Viewfinder EVF-V70, Remote Controller RC-V100, Shoulder Support Unit SU-15, Remote Operation Unit OU-700, Shoulder-Style Grip Unit SG-1, GPS GP-E1, Wireless File Transmitters WFT-E6A / WFT-E8A

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