EOS C70 – Welcome to a new age

The EOS C70 is the first Cinema EOS camera with an RF mount, bringing the world of the EOS R system and Cinema EOS closer together. The revolutionary RF mount opens a myriad of new possibilities for image-makers who can now benefit from the full depth of the expanding lineup of RF lenses: lenses that are faster and more reliable, provide brilliant image quality and offer new levels of versatility with the built-in control ring. The short flange distance also helps to dramatically reduce body depth, resulting in a more compact design as seen with the all-new EOS C70.

The EOS C70 was designed with compactness and versatility in mind but it is packed with some innovative new Canon technology as well. The EOS C70 features Canon’s 4K Super 35mm DGO Sensor with over 16 stops of dynamic range, and an impressive DIG!C DV7 processor enabling functions like Canon’s award-winning Dual Pixel AF, with 4K 120P recording. The DGO Sensor is a newly developed imaging system that generates high dynamic range and maintains low noise levels by reading out each photodiode with two different gains. It combines the two with a saturation prioritizing gain for bright areas, and a lower noise prioritizing gain for darker areas.

In addition to the growing lineup of RF lenses, the EOS C70 provides flexibility with the new EF-EOS R 0.71x Mount Adapter.  This adapter allows you to use all of your existing EF lenses opening up new creative opportunities. Once mounted, the adapter converts light transmission from full-frame to Super 35mm image format boosting the speed of the attached EF lens by a full stop, while providing high-speed communication and integrating with the camera’s optical corrections.

This new Cinema camera is perfect for cinematographers that need a small kit to get the shot. Whether you’re a wedding videographer, journalist or documentary maker the compact, customizable and mobile form factor is perfect for shooting discreetly and helping you be portable and efficient as you shoot. The EOS C70 is built to be a tough and lightweight workhorse, thanks to the carbon fibre polycarbonate body. The compact design is perfect for a run-and-gun setup and enables it to comfortably be rigged to drones, gimbals, hand-held or shoulder rigs, as well as FPV helmets or vehicles. As the creative industry adapts to new technologies and procedures having a smaller, lighter, customizable kit will become increasingly important to filmmakers.

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